Would you like to work for this company?  

The owner of a Denver-based software provider company is offering his employees $7,500 dollars to go on vacation.  Bart Lorang wants his staff to go on a trip with their families and get away from work completely .  That means no emails, texting or phone calls.  He had the idea when he saw a photo of himself on a Camel in Egypt, with his mobile phone in his hand, texting.   He hopes his workers will come back recharged.  Some of his staff have already taken advantage of the offer, although they said it was not easy to disconnect at first.  Lorang also hopes that the move will entice new talent to his company.


Read by Jon Crocker, OISE Bristol (Southern English Accent)

Study the words

On vacation (American)– on holiday

Go on a trip– take a journey

Get away from– escape

Texting– sending text messages

Recharged– with renewed energy

Taken advantage of– accepted, benefited from

Although–  however

Disconnect– forget about work

Move– action

Entice– attract

Do the takeaway test:Boss pays $7,500

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