Mistakes happen…expensive ones too! 

Weekly Britvic Shop

Weekly Britvic Shop (Photo credit: gu_britvic)

Faulty caps on children’s fruit drinks are costing a company a quarter of its annual profits.  Soft drink maker Britvic have recalled millions of Robinsons fruit juice bottles with the ‘magic cap’, which was intended to make the drinks easier to open and harder to spill.  They have discovered that the spout can break off and this is a choking hazard for young children.  Britvic owned up to the problem and said that it would cost between one and five million pounds to resolve.  They later announced that the financial damage was probably much more: between fifteen and twenty million pounds.  In addition to the embarrassment caused, there are fears of lasting damage to the Robinsons brand.


Read by Annette

Study the words

faulty caps- imperfect lids

soft – non-alcoholic

recalled- withdrawn from the shops

spill- overflow

spout- the tube you drink from

choking hazard- danger of suffocation

owned up to- admitted

lasting- permanent

Do the takeaway test: Magic caps

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