What do you do with your old underwear? 

English: The reality of lingerie, as opposed t...

English: The reality of lingerie, as opposed to the fantasies of catalog photographs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The British government is backing a campaign which encourages people to recycle their underwear rather than throw it away.  A study has shown that while most people give away old clothes such as shirts, trousers and jackets, they are too shy to do so with pants, bras or socks.  These items are valuable too:  it may be unlikely that someone else will want to wear them, but they can be re-used in other ways.  The materials can be used in manufacturing.  The charity Oxfam, has also launched a ‘Big Bra Hunt’ to collect old bras to raise funds for developing countries.  So, there is really no excuse for not giving your undies a second life.

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Read by Annette

Study the words

Backing– supporting

Underwear– items worn under clothing (pants, bras etc)

Throw away– dispose of, put in the trash

Give away– pass on to another person

Shy– timid, embarrassed

Bras– brassieres (woman’s undergarment)

Unlikely– not probable

Someone else– another person

Launched– started

Hunt– search

Raise funds– collect money

Undies– colloquial term for underwear

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Do the takeaway test:  recycle your underwear