Do you spend money to go to the gym?  Read on…

Jungle Gym Cherry Park 5-20-09 1

If you have ever felt like joining your kids on the climbing frame at the park, this is for you.  New York City is testing the first playground for adults.  The goal is to lure people off the couch to have fun outdoors and get fit at the same time.  There are no swings or slides, however.  It’s more like an outdoor gym without the costly fees.  This trend is not unique to America: similar parks are popping up across the UK.  Health experts on both sides of the Atlantic have praised the idea.  They believe that the playgrounds will help combat obesity and related illnesses.  Studies in the UK have shown that 26% of people using the playgrounds had never exercised before.   


Read by Martine, Easi English (East Midlands English accent)

Study the words

felt like– wanted to

climbing frame- metal structure used by children for climbing

goal- aim

lure- attract, encourage

couch- sofa

get fit- improve physical form

swings- hanging seats that move back and forth

slides- playground aparatus children slide down

costly fees- expensive charges

trend- fashion, current style

unique to- only found in

popping up- suddenly appearing

praised- said good things about

combat- fight

Do the takeaway test: adult playgrounds

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