Are you sure you’re an adult?  Read on…

A survey has revealed the 50 things which show that you have become an adult.  The 2,000 people questioned by the Skipton Building Society indicated what they consider to be the key signs of adulthood.  These include being able to cook a meal from scratch and not relying on your parents for financial decisions.  Other factors were: being annoyed by a messy house, washing up immediately after eating and going to bed before 11pm (after taking off your makeup, of course).  The participants of this study were British. This is reflected in some English: infant foot, adult handof the activities they think of as grown up, such as buying a Sunday paper, visiting garden centres and listening to Radio 2.  Apparently, adult Brits also own a set of best towels to put out when they have special visitors.  It would be interesting to find out if other cultures have different ideas. 

Full list:  50 things that make you an adult


Study the words

Key signs– important indicators

Adulthood– the period of your life when you are an adult

From scratch– from the beginning

Relying on– depending on

Annoyed– irritated

Messy– untidy

Washing up– washing the dishes

Taking off– removing

Grown up– adult

Garden centres– shops where you can buy plants and other items for the garden

Own– possess

Towels– absorbent cloths used to dry your hands

Do the takeaway test: 50 things that make you an adult

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