Do you love New York?  Read on…

If you own an original ‘I love New York’ T-shirt, mug or key ring, hold onto it.  It could soon become a collector’s piece.  The Governor of New York has launched a campaign inviting tourists and locals to replace the red heart symbol with whatever they think most represents the city.  Apparently, the logo needs a makeover because it has lost its meaning.   I Love New York logoIt has become a cliché.  In fact, you can find ‘I heart something’ on products all over the world. Some of the suggestions have caused controversy, such as a slice of pizza or a beach ball.  New Yorkers and the original designer of the logo are not impressed.  Let’s face it, ‘I pizza New York’ just doesn’t work.  Let’s hope they come up with a better idea soon.


Read by Crissy Faita Learning English Matters (Canadian accent)

Study the words

Mug– a large cup

Key Ring–  a holder for keys

Hold onto– keep

Launched– started

Makeover– complete change

Cliché– boring, predictable

Controversy– disagreement

Let’s face it– accept the facts

Come up with– think of / invent 

Do the takeaway test: New York

Answer a tiny question:

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