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Deutsch: eingestrickter Baum in der Nähe von O...

Get your knitting needles ready.  The 9th of June is World Yarn Bombing Day.  If you have never heard of this, it is a type of street art or graffiti which involves colourful displays of knitting around the city.  Lampposts are decorated with bright knitted covers. Statues wear striped leg warmers and wooly hats. 

 The movement was started in 2005 by Magda Sayeg from Houston when she knitted a cover for the door handle of her boutique.  The trend has since spread across the world.  The aim is to create a little colour in our modern, cold, grey surroundiEnglish: Phone Box Cosy byngs.

The activity is usually tolerated by the police, although when one woman tried to yarn bomb a sign outside the F.B.I headquarters in Washington, she was asked by a police officer to stand back and put down her knitting.  


Study the words

knitting needles– long metal instruments used for knitting

yarn– cotton or wool fibre

displays– exhibits

lampposts– street lights

leg warmers– like socks without feet, worn on the legs to keep them warm

handle– lever used to open a door

spread– extended

aim– objective

surroundings– the area around us

sign– metal board with information

headquarters– main office 

Do the takeaway test:yarn bombing

Answer a tiny question:

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