Do you know anyone who vapes? 

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. It smells, makes you cough and causes cancer.  Until recently, the only way to improve your health was to give up.  That’s tough for most people and impossible for some.  However, a new trend is catching on among smokers.  Many are switching from smoking to vaping.

English: Universal no smoking sign

Vaping involves an electronically charged ‘cigarette’ which produces steam instead of smoke.  It does contain nicotine, but in small amounts.  It looks and feels just like you are smoking but without many of the drawbacks.  Users feel better, save money and can say goodbye to smelly ashtrays.  Of course, this does not change the fact that not smoking at all would be an even healthier option.


Read by Ale (Italian/Scottish accent)

Study the words

cough- the reflex that clears your throat

give up- stop a habit

tough- difficult

catching on- becoming popular

steam- vapour

drawbacks- disadvantages

ashtrays- containers for ash (produced during smoking)

healthier- better for your body

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