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Coldplay are paying the price for their flashing wristbands.  The gadgets, which are given out to everyone in the audience on their latest tour are costing them a fortune. 

The idea was originally suggested by a fan. They are radio controlled and light up in synchronised patterns creating an amazing light show. Chris Martin and his band are trying to figure out a way to keep up this crucial part of their concert without going broke. One idea was to ask their fans to hand them back at the end of the gig.  However, the band’s lawyers have advised against this as it could lead to legal problems if someone picks up a contagious condition like Herpes.  There were 40,000 people at the London show, so their profits were slashed

Nevertheless, the band say the wristbands are going to stay.

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Read by Crissy Faita, Learning English Matters (Canadian accent)

Study the words

 wristbands– bracelets

given out- distributed           

 light up– become bright

amazing– incredible                           

figure out– understand/think of

keep up– continue

going broke– losing all their money

hand back– return

gig– concert

picks up– catches

slashed– dramatically reduced

nevertheless– in any case

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