Do you ever order goods on Amazon

Have you ever ordered goods online and spent half an hour trying to open the parcel when the postman finally delivered? If so, you have experienced ‘wrap rage’.

An example of wrap rage.

An example of wrap rage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amazon has come up with a clever way to package its goods which overcomes this problem and cuts down on the materials used. The idea is called the “Frustration-Free Packaging Initiative.” This will also help the environment, save customers money and reduce the number of injuries caused every year when people have to use knives or scissors to open their packages.

I love Amazon.  It is one of the most efficient on-line book retailers.  It is also a step ahead of its competitors in terms of making the world a better place.

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Study the words

 wrap rage– frustration when you can’t open a parcel

come up with-invent/produce              overcomes-solves

cuts down on-reduces                             injuries-damage to the body

a step ahead-more advanced

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