What do you do in your lunch hour? 

Do you like the idea in the text?

The latest lunch-time trend in Sweden is not what you might imagine.  It’s not a picnic in the park or jogging down by the river.  Many Swedes are spending their lunch hours moving their bodies to the beat on the dance floor.

The craze was launched when 14 people turned up for a lunchtime party in a garage in Stockholm. It has since spread across Europe with ‘lunch beat’ venues popping up in many cities.

 Also surprising is that, so far, the trend has not been about making money.  The entry fee covers the rent of the venue and enough sandwiches for the participants.  Alcohol is banned from these events and the main focus is dancing. It’s hot, loud and crowded but perhaps this is part of the appeal:  there is no way you can discuss anything related to work.


Study the words

Latest– most recent                   Craze– fashion/ mania

Launched– started                    Turned up– arrived

Spread– extended/ grown        Popping up– suddenly appearing

So far– until now                          Banned– prohibited

Crowded– full of people            Appeal– the reason people like it

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